Sunday, 28 September 2014

Wall of the War V-1.0.2

Wall of the War  V-1.0.2   


A new kinda game not having emphasis on graphics rather on the fun and enjoy while playing the game.

This is a multi-player game i.e two player game
In the game there are two players each having a cannon and 10 explosives . Each explosive has its own property and effect.

Your aim is to destroy the enemy property before he does finishes yours. Property refers to the building behind each cannon .Each building has 1000 high power (HP).

As long as you take to shoot the explosive, the HP of the enemy goes on increasing and can reach to the full scale.

To make the game tougher and much more intresting , there is a wall between the two sides . In starting the wall is in the middle but as the game starts it moves towards the direction of the player having lesser HP to give advantage and ease to the player who is leading.

More on the space between the wall changes after every round. A round means one-one explosive shooted from both the sides

In case all the 10 explosives (selected by the players in the starting from the set of randomly generated 20 explosives out of 40) finish , the player gets a free bullet with unlimited rounds.

In this version there are 40 explosives but we are developing many more and will be released after its launching. 

Requirement :

Windows operating system
17 MB Hard Disk space (free)
70 MB RAM (recommended)
suitable extracter (WinRAR etc.)

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