Thursday, 25 September 2014

Cross The Road

Cross The Road

This Game is designed by Aokhi Games (our product) and we are distributing it for free. It is a basic 2 dimensional game not the one having high graphics. As our moto is "Not having emphasis on graphics rather the fun while playing game".

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In this game we are controlling a smiliey character who is trying to cross the multilevel road highway.
Our aim is to cross him as soon as we can and earn points.

Points earning criteria is as follows :

Cross within :

5 seconds   = 100 pts.
8 seconds   = 50   pts.
8+ seconds = 20  pts.

In the begining we have a happy smiliey as soon as 5 seconds are completed the happy smiliey " : ) " turns into sad smiliey " : ( " and after 8 seconds the smiliey turns into a angry smiliey " :-@ "

If the smiliey is hit by any car it will result in "Game over"

Your aim is to avoid all the traffic vehicles and Cross The Road as soon as you can ... !!

Enjoy ... !!

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