Friday, 26 September 2014

Ande Ka Fanda

Ande Ka Fanda

Download Ande Ka Fanda v2.1

Mouse - Move the bucket to collect eggs.


Small game with lots of fun. Catch eggs and get points; but beware of rotten one's.
In this game you are controlling  a bucket by your mouse . There are 5 chickens poping out eggs every time. The eggs poped out can be normal, rotten , gold ones or silver ones .

Your aim is to collect as much eggs as you can within the time limit.
The points criteria is as below :

White Egg : 1 Point
Silver Egg : 5 Points
Gold Egg : 10 Points
Rotten Egg : -10 Points

You can change the difficulty of the game from the settings menu.
" Break your own high scores and challenge your friends "
Have fun ...!!

Ande Ka Fanda was developed for Windows using Microsoft Visual C++ 2008

Copyright © Anokhigames 2014

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