Thursday, 16 January 2014



Our ratings :   9.5/10

Download from Google play store :  Click here
Developer : SAND STUDIO

Very useful app . An Alternative to Data cable. You can transfer data easily through your wifi router . All you need is a wifi router and an android device which can be turned into a Wifi Hotspot .

It delivers a data sharing speed of 2.5-3.5 MBps which is almost the same speed as that of a data cable.
Plus you can get access to your device camera and flash and can even download the applications installed on your device without making their backups. you just need to press the download button to start download.

You can see you device memory space and usage.

How it works :

  • Download the Airdroid app from Google Playstore
  • Switch on your Wifi Hotspot of the other device (PC or any other android or any other device having an internet connection)
  • Connect your device to the Wifi
  • Now open the app and press start button
  • Here you are the network is being setup
  • Now it will provide you a link of the network
  • Now open any browser on the other device
  • Type in the link provided to you by airdroid
  • Now it will ask you for permissions on your device
  • Simply accept it ... and its done
  • Now your device is connected to the other device

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