Monday, 2 June 2014

LG Nexus 5

Our Ratings :   8/10

You know the specs. I don't think i need to say anything about that. I'll say a bit about the practicality. 

Looks : Plainly and comfortably built. Both black and white looks good if that's your cup of tea. But for a person who likes adding some color, it could be a bit dull, especially those pink-loving girlfriends we all have. The 4.95 inch full HD screen is gorgeous, and with 445 ppi, its a beautiful way to watch a movie on a flight or a metro ride. Keep in mind that, although good, its not the best out there, Iphone5s and HTC. One can still make it look cheap comparitively, but thats also a small difference.
H/W : Camera: For an 8mp its pretty decent a shooter. Though perfect pictures in dim light situations and/or with moving targets are still a distant dream, and comparing with a Lumia1020's 41MP or again the Iphone5s can really really make it look bad. But it does the job well for most of us. And polishing the camera apps and some tuning around could make it better in future android releases. But atm, its just okay. 
Powered with a 2.26 Ghz Snapdragon 800, nexus 5 practically flies. No hitches anywhere unless u were benchmarking. And touch response is also pretty fast though there are a couple of phones that come to mind which can do better, though not significant enough to cause concern or to mention here. 4.4 Kitkat has more polishing to be done, and seeing that google might already be on it, no cause to worry there either. And seeing its a nexus, this one will get to try it the earliest. The graphics performance is also great owing to the adreno 330 GPU and the 2 gigs of RAM. All the best titles on android run without much stutter or dropped frames, though thats not from me, just the word on the street.
One worrying thing is, battery life is not great. One day is maximum it can manage with moderate use. Seeing with a bigger screen size than the n4 it was to be expected, it is still not a good thing to know. Might need to keep the charger close in most days of constant heavy use.
 Altogether, its the best android experience so far seeing its the cleanest stock android4.4 phone that will be available, in addition to the impressive specs and performance. But if you don't care much for the android, and only want the best phone around, this is not it. Its great, unbelievably good for its price, but unbelievably good ONLY for its price, not the best. If it was upto me, id get it no questions asked, but some of us who want a bit more, like the best phone in the market right now, or the phone with the best cam or the best looking phone, this is not it. Its the best optimal package of all that into the most competitive price. Its a 5/5 coz of the price, but keeping the price apart, just phone wise, id give it a 4/5. But that is pretty good. There are only one, or maybe 2 phones better in the world atm. And they all cost hell of a lot more.


Android OS, v4.4 (KitKat)
4.95-inch Full HD IPS  Touch screen
Corning Gorilla Glass 3, IPS, 1920 x 1080 Pixels Display
Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.3 GHz Processor
Dual Camera :  8 Megapixel Primary , 1.3 Megapixel Secondary Camera 

2 GB of RAM
Internal Storage 16/32 GB

Price : Rs. 28000/34000

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