Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Our Ratings : 8/10

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This app is for all you music lovers out there. If you are a music lover and love to sing too then you will definately like this app . This app allows you to grab lyrics of the song and all the details related to the song you are listening to .

It also have the feature of identifying the song which you are playing right now . Just play a song and let your device microphone capture the song and here you are ... all done for you . If you like a song but did not know its name then you will love this feature.

It has been awarded "best app of 2013" name on google play.
Instead of all these it also has Equalizer which is pretty good. You can optimise or we can say customise your own music beats.

Main Features :

Lyrics Grab
Details of the song

All These features make this app a must have for you music lovers ....

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