Sunday, 10 August 2014

Opera Mini

Our Ratings : 8.5/10

Developer  : Opera Software ASA
Download  : Here

The app we are reviewing today is Opera mini browser for android devices . This is the fastest browser in the market when it comes to browsing speed. The browser is so developed as it can serve fast browsing to all the users either having a low speed internet connection or a high speed . The software opens a very compressed copy of the webpage you are trying to open and hence it receives less data packages resulting in low size of the webpage.

The size of the app is just 2 MB so its not gonna trouble your device performance even if you have a cheap specification device. It is best suited if you have limited internet data plans or a low speed internet (2G).

These were its plus points but there are many negative points of the application itself like if you are downloading a file you can pause that while keeping the opera mini active , as soon as you have exit or minimised opera mini, all the downloading data lost and you have to start it again from the begining.
The browser does not play any flash files on the web neither the java scripting work nor the animations thats how the webpages are compressed in size.

All and all this app is for users having low speed internet or limited data plans but if you have a high speed internet connection you should better avoid it.

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