Sunday, 21 September 2014



Requirement :

Andoird 2.3 and above

Controls :




A new kinda game not having emphasis on graphics rather on the fun and enjoy while playing the game.

In this game you have a black marble which is controlled by the accelerometer of your device . In the beginning there are 9 other marbles having a unique number rendered onto them . 

Your aim is to collect all the marbles sequence wise. For instance , the marble numbered as 3 should be taken after the marble numbered with 2.

After collecting the first set of 9 marbles, you will reach the second level with more number of marbles. After completing evrey level there is an increment of 3 marbles. 

Reach as much higher level as you can . Break your own high scores. 

This is just an initial release . We are still working on this game the updated versoin will be uploaded soon. Keep tracking our blog for latest updates.

Thankyou... Enjoy ...!!

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