Monday, 22 September 2014

Space Shooter v1.0

Space Shooter

Change Log :

v1.0 : Initial Release

Controls :

Touch Screen

Requirements :

Android OS 2.3 and above

Description :

It is a 3D environment orthogonal view Arcade type game.
Here you are. In this game you are a pilot of a jet and you are sucked up into the space where tons of asteroids are coming towards you .Your aim is to destroy as much asteroids as you can.

For each asteroid destroyed you will get 10 points . The asteroids can only be destroyed by shooting at them. To shoot a bullet you just need to tap your screen once . If you tap it once it will shoot once. And you keep on tapping or keep holding the screen after tapping it will shoot a series of shots.

There only need just one bullet to destroy an asteroid. Asteroids came in a series of random number that's the typical part of the game as you don't know how many asteroids are coming at that instance. After you destroy the current series of asteroids there will be a wait of 1-2 seconds where you can give rest to your fingers.

Avoid being hit by an Asteroid . Being hit by any asteroid will result in GAME OVER.

 "  Don't try to tackle them, shoot them. "

Enjoy ...!!

This is just an initial release. The main target of the game is to reach every android phone.

Copyright © Anokhigames 2014 

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