Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Our Ratings : 9.5/10

Developer : LiveQoS
Download : Click here

Super beam is a Wifi-Direct data sharing app. With a high speed of 50 mbps. Forget about bluetooth go more smarter , Install the android app from playstore here. All you need is two android devices having Wifi hotspots and SuperBeam installed on both.

Once you have done installing the app , whenever you select the share menu for sharing any file there will be an icon of SuperBeam also with other sharing icons like blutooth etc.

You just need to select share via SuperBeam and enjoy high speed data sharing.

The sharing speed may vary from device to device it all depends upon the hardware of both the devices doing sharing process. It may be as low as 8mbps and as high as 50mbps or more.

How to share :

  • Select share via Superbeam from your device. (You can also browse the file using the superbeam app)
  • Now it will generate a QR Code.
  • Simply open the SuperBeam app from the receiver device .
  • Tap on Scan QR
  • Simply scan the QR
  • Then browse the destination folder .
  • And its done.
  • Now you can see the data sharing properties from the properties tab .

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