Wednesday, 16 April 2014

UC Browser

Our Ratings : 8/10

Developer  : UCWeb Inc.
Download : Click Here

UC browser as we all know is referred for high speed internet browsing . UC browser is available for many devices but this review is about the Android version.

UC browser gives a smooth internet browsing experience to the users . But its size is high as compared to the other browsers, but it perform all the flash and java script stuff perfectly and efficiently.

If you have a high speed internet then the image quality will surely gonna impress you . It plays all the animations and flash files available on the webpage smoothly.

UC browser comes with different modes like
1. Night mode - Protect your eyes in low light conditions
2. Speed mode- Turn of all the images so than you can browse much faster
3. Data saving mode - this is for users having low data balance in their accounts . It saves the browser to load unnecessary data available on the webpage so that no unwanted stuff can be loaded.

Downloading with UC browser is very smart . Unlike other browsers you can pause and continue ongoing downloads many a times . It serves a high downloading speed depending upon your internet connection.

UC browser comes with many plugins the best one is Video Downloader.
This is a fantastic feature . You can download any video streaming on your device just simply pressing the download button. UC browser has its own Video player.

The Size of UC Browser after expanding can be as high as 100 mb or more which is a big issue for device having low internal memory.
Instead of all the good features UC Browser swipe and acces the previous page is very irritating .
Altough it is a very nice app ... !!

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