Sunday, 4 May 2014

Temple Run 2

Our Ratings : 9.5/10

Developer : Imangi Studio
Download : Here

The game we are talking about is a never ending game . It is a single player game designed for android devices and has a size of almost 50 MB. The game offers a high graphic 3D environment with excellent visual effects and graphic models.

The game is of running type in which you are controlling the hero which is being chased by a giant Gorilla . Your aim is to run as far as you can and earn as much points as you can.

The game has several powerups like magnet , shield , headstart etc which make the game much more intresting. Well i am not explaining about what to do in the game as we all know about this game .

This is a very successfull launch by Imangi studios . The game has got more than 170 million download. Wow ... It is a big achievement. If you are a gamer than you will understand me what i am talking about ... most of the gamers dont like game being operated by a touch screen as there is no feeling that we are actually playing the game . But i am sure that all you gamers out there will like this game . This game is not a dead one its alive .

This is the most addictive Android game that i have ever played in my life. The game offers very good graphics which work smoothly even on a single core processor . All of the games having these kinda graphics have low FPS (frames per seconds) on a low grade or a single core processor. But this game is just fanatastic.

Minimum Ram recomended 768 MB and a single core processor will be enough. 

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